Monday, February 28, 2011

I hate times that start with "oh" . . .

I've had to get up at ugly times that start with 0 for the past few days and I am tired.  You know I like to go to sleep at times that start with 0.  But I've been a busy girl.  Last Wednesday morning I had to have Nanna at the hair dresser at 10 am . . . therefore up at an "0" hour.  Thursday I had a million errands to run so I was also up that day at an "0" hour.  Friday I went with a friend to a doctor appointment in London and we had to be there by 08:00 . . . Saturday morning I picked up Mom and we went to a crop that began at 09:00 . . . Saturday night was a sleepover with 2 grandsons which meant I was woke up before 08:00 on Sunday.  Took Deb back for a doctor's appointment in London at 08:00.  You can see how this is messing with my inner clock.  Not one of these nights was I able to fall asleep before midnight.  Tonight I am finally crashing . . . too tired to stay up long enough to watch Harry's Law.  Probably a good thing because I am going with someone who shall remain namesless to a doctor's appointment first thing in the morning . . .

Okay done whining about my inner clock now . . .

Would you like to see a few layouts I finished recently?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Saturday, February 26, 2011

I've been scrapbooking for 2 days straight. 
 These are just a few of the layouts I've completed.

By Taylor

By Cameron

Friday, February 25, 2011

It's what time? Argggghhhhhh

You all know how much I love to sleep.  In fact getting a good night's sleep is the best way I know of to keep myself healthy.  Plus I just love to sleep in . . .

It's 6:00 AM and I'm just finishing my breakfast.  Why?  Because that's what friends do!  Riding shotgun with a friend who has to go to a very difficult doctor's appointment.  Not really sure who is difficult -- the doctor or the appointment or perhaps both . . . but then I get rewarded with some scrapbooking time.

Nanna's on the road to recovery.  She loves her chiropractor.  Never been to one before but she is definitely a fan now.  He is even working on some aches and pains like the back of her knee as well as fixing up her neck.  She says "he's expensive" (has to pay, no coverage) but she's very happy to have found him.  I'm taking her grocery shopping this afternoon.

Mom's a little slower recovering from flu/cold (in that order).  It's been a rough couple of weeks for her but she is determined to be back on her feet for the Salvation Army crop on Saturday.

I was supposed to be babysitting grandkids all weekend but just heard from the other grandmother that she would like some time with them (which doesn't surprise me because they are very adorable young lads) so I'm going to the crop for a 1/2 day . . . yeah!!!!!

So tonight I have to pack for the crop!!

I was trying to figure out what kind of birds these were.  Photo taken near London.
I think they may be wild turkeys

Good morning,
(the blogger who is only 6 hours late posting)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I fell off the wagon . . .

Yesterday was the first time that I (with no excuse) didn't take a photo and blog . . . sigh . . . I sort of took the day off.  I didn't do much on my to do list except tidy the apartment.  Maybe I just needed a break.  Stay tuned.  Hopefully I'll have lots of adventures today.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Three Finishes . . .

Mom's got a cold.  Nanna's got a cold.  Lori's got the flu (?).  Mom wants to know why I haven't been sick . . . yet.  I told her it's because I eat tofu!!  LOL.

I finished this book last night.  Very interesting.  It was kind of frustrating/annoying that most of the women featured came from privileged backgrounds.  But I realized that they would be the only women who would have the time, finances and support to step above the norm to become pilots, doctors, opera singers, politicians and such . . . Not all the women were likeable and some were downright annoying but you have to give them credit for accomplishing so much.

I finished two swaps. 

This one was deco squares in a single colour.  I selected white, thinking it would be simple.  It was a lot of work.  All the squares were inked with white ink.  The shine comes from Stamping Up Dazzling Diamond glitter.  The flowers are punched out.  The flower brads are from Close To My Heart.  The flowers are popped up with foam squares.  Hopefully the recipients will like them.  I think they would be cool on a wedding page.  There is lots of room on the squares to add words or additional embellishments.

Now I really don't know why I signed up for this swap of Brick Wall cards.  They were short one person and I just volunteered before I could stop myself.  I had forgotten how much work these cards are to make.  But they are done and ready to pop in the mail.

That's it for today.  I'm taking Nanna to the hair dressers tomorrow.  Don't know what else is up.  I'm sure I'll be surprised like usual.

Nighty Night,

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Trusting your instincts . . .

I slept in quite late this morning.  So I will probably be up quite late tonight. 

Hal called today.  He's in a motel in Winnipeg . . . a very nice one . . . and he's in a suite . . . yeah, he is bragging about it.  This is his first break since he left home last Thursday. 

He also told me a very scary story.  He was running out of drive time last night and needed to find a good place to pull over for 8 hours.  He was going to stop in Beardmore ON but he says he just had a feeling and decided to continue on to the next town.  Thank goodness he followed his instincts.  A short time later a gas line exploded just outside Beardmore, shutting down the TransCanada highway.

I've had a quiet but enjoyable day today.  Sometimes it is just heaven to slop around in jammies all day watching old movies and listening to music.  I spent some time on my sweater and the back is nearly finished.  Maybe I'll be wearing it soon at this rate.

I've run out of #20 cotton so I can't make anymore motifs for my tablecloth.  Instead I've been doing the most hated job in crocheting . . . weaving in all the ends . . . I know . . . I know . . . it has to be done.  But that doesn't mean I have to like it. 

I finished 2 2-page layouts today and I think they are both kinda fun.

Wonder what I should do now?

Nighty Night

Another Saturday Night . . .

With Hal's new cell phone he can call me free unlimited from anywhere in Canada.  So he's been averaging 3 calls or more each day . . . LOL . . . I guess he misses me.  His phone is hooked up with a blue tooth (I'm sure there is a technical way to say all this but even if I knew it I would already have forgotten it) so he just motors on down the highway chattering, pausing every once in a while to shift a gear until I finally say "Look Hal, I really need to get things done around here." 

Not that I don't love talking to him, but I'm not a great phone person.  Just ask any of my friends or relatives.  If I can talk to you through email rather than the phone, I will.  Or better yet, let's talk in person.  It's not that I don't want to communicate, it's just that the phone is an intrusion to my day.  Ooooooo that sounds kinda rude and I really wish I could think of a better way to say it.  But you know it too . . . the phone only rings when you are asleep, in the bathroom or when you are juggling 3 chores at the same time.  With email the conversation can happen at a pace that fits into everyone's schedule.

This little quirk of mine drives my children nuts, I hear.  But they are so busy and I never know when its a good time to call, so sending them an email when I want to know what's going on just seems simpler.  Greg is either at work or in the middle of coaching a basketball game.  I'm never sure what Tim's schedule and he is usually asleep or at work.  And besides, they both mumble when they talk on the phone.  See what I mean . . . email is simpler.  Same with Hal.  I don't know what his schedule is when he is driving.  When I spoke to him this afternoon he was just going off duty for 8 hours sleep . . . in the middle of the afternoon.  How am I supposed to keep up with everyone's schedule????? 

Yesterday my CTMH rep, Terry, dropped off some sale items I had purchased.  I've already had fun playing with some of my goodies.  You probably noticed all the rick rack and white letters on the layouts I posted yesterday.  I don't buy much scrapbooking stuff . . . except when there is a sale.  I just cannot resist a sale.  I have to say I really LOVE the alphabets.  You will see more of them on the layouts I will be posting at the end of this little essay. 

I had a lovely day today.  I picked up Mom and Nanna (I had the van) and we went to Michael's today with our 25% off coupons and had a great time picking up clearance priced paper and embellishments and then getting even more money taken off at the till . . . gotta love a good sale.  Nanna was fascinated with some little cameo buttons and I told her and Mom that I had just read that cameos and profiles are going to be "hot" for scrapbooking this year.  So Nanna bought them!  Thanks Nan!  Mom and I are going to split them.  We went to Tender Tootsie's which I am happy to say is not closing after all.  And then we went out for lunch at King's Buffet.  They really are putting more interesting selections on the buffet.  Today, along with all the usual suspects, there were stuffed peppers and custard dumplings and three veggies -- corn, asparagus, and green beans.  We really had a good time.  Last stop was Shopper's Drug Mart . . . and then I returned the van keys to Mom and she dropped me off at home.  I can retire my chauffeur's cap for a day or two.

I've been working on my Dreaded To Do List all evening and watching movies . . . Two Weeks Notice (I love Sandra Bullock) and Inglorious Basterds.  Nothing makes me laugh more than listening to Brad Pitt speak in a mountain twang except Brad Pitt speaking "Italian" with a mountain twang . . .

According to the Dreaded To Do List today is January 21st . . . that means I knocked off 2 days of to do's in one evening.  I wonder what the date will be by tomorrow evening??

I had 3 finishes tonight . . . 1pair of mitts and 2 scrapbook layouts.


Nighty Night

Friday, February 18, 2011

Scrapbooking and Family Tree today . . .

Did you see Who Do You Think You Are? tonight tracing Rosie O'Donnell's family tree?  I am working on my family tree and it is such a fascinating process.  I've found some interesting stories and a few scandals.  It is so much fun.  Of course I also love crossword puzzles and letterboxing which are also activities which require solving clues and searching for something.

The rest of my day has been spent working on my sweater -- my beautiful soft silver-gray sweater -- and scrapbooking.

I love tofu . . . really . . .

I spotted this product in Walmart a few weeks ago.

It comes in several flavours and I've tried them all now . . . and I love them.

Tonight I had the tofu and curry sauce.  I put some Basmati rice (my favourite) in my rice cooker and threw a bunch of leftover veggies -- bean sprouts, cauliflower, green pepper, onion and spinach -- in a pan to stir fry for a couple of minutes.  Then all you do is add the tofu and sauce and a little water -- voila -- supper!!! 

I spent quite a bit of time sorting through all the family tree information I've been collecting.  Now comes the fun part -- putting all the pieces of the puzzle of my family together somehow.  I do love a good puzzle.

My eyes are tired so I think it is time to shut down my laptop and get some ZZZZZs.

Nighty night

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Finally . . . a little bit of letterboxing . . .

FINALLY a little bit of letterboxing . . . only one box but we had so much fun trudging through the knee deep snow to find it . . . LOL . . . You're in the Army Now.  We were the first finders and our bonus was a lovely peace-themed LTC . . . thanks Keldar5.

Hal needed a nap this afternoon so he'd be good to drive tonight . . . he's headed east tonight.  So I needed to find something quiet to do.  I started and finished this mystery dishcloth knit-along while he was asleep.  I like the pattern and it was easy to make.

I also spent a couple of hours on my Queen Anne's tablecloth tonight.

Now its time for bed.  I have a HUGE amount of things I want to accomplish while Hal's at work so please no one fall down or get the flu for at least a few days . . . k?

Nighty night,

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

To do . . . ta da . . .

1-1/2 hours scrapbooking - Love this layout of Austin

1-1/2 hours on sketch book

2 hours on my sweater - isn't the colour pretty?

1 hour on my tablecloth

1-1/2 hours editing manuscript

1 hour knitting mittens

1/2 hour crocheting a shopping bag

Only 1/2 hour on family tree
In My World, according to the Dreaded To Do List, the date is now January 16th.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Hal is back to normal and hungry.  So I've been cooking again the last two days.  I have some great recipes to share.  I hope you will enjoy them.

Barley and Lentil Soup
Chicken Cutlets Milanese
Baked Potatoes
Cinnamon Apples

Barley and Lentil Soup
Garden Salad
Sloppy Joes
Sugared Oranges

In My World it is January 13 today.  I spent 1 hour on my sweater (lovely, soft silver-grey all-for-me sweater), 1 hour on my tablecloth, 1/2 hour on my manuscript, 1-1/2 hours on mittens (on 4 needles for extra excitement), tidied house and bought Hal's groceries for his next trip out. 

Nighty Night,

Snow Candy

1/2 cup pure maple syrup
2 tbsp butter

Place both ingredients in a pan and bring to a boil.  Boil for 5-7 minutes until mixture reaches 225-230 degrees.

Place snow in pan or bowl, and drizzle hot syrup over snow.  The snow cools the candy pretty quickly.  As soon as the candy is cool enough to eat, it's ready.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hal's on the mend and life is getting back to normal . . .

I hope he goes back to work soon.  LOL . . . he gets cold when I open windows but this apartment is so warm I melt without the windows open . . . there is just no compromise . . . sigh . . .

I finished another book last night.  It is a great story.  It was nearly to the end before I figured out who did it.

Here's what I managed today . . .

2 hours on sketch book
2 scrapbook layout (but I can only show you one)

2 hours on tablecloth
1-1/2 hours on manuscript
finished another toque

1 hour on sweater
1 hour on a pair of mittens

And I cooked an awesome supper which Hal actually ate (most of ).  I'll be posting the recipes tomorrow.

I'm tired now,

I have a really good excuse for not posting last night . . .

Spaghetti & Meatballs Cake -- the meatballs are Ferrero Roche chocolates

Melissa didn't know she was making her own birthday cake -- Happy birthday Melissa!!

Sue, Deb, Connie, Pam D.

Sandra, Anne

I can't believe I didn't get pictures of the gals in the other room -- Melissa (the birthday girl), Cheryl, Annie, Lisa