Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gay Lea Dairy Heritage Museum near Aylmer, ON

The Gay Lea Dairy Heritage Museum Near Aylmer, ON is an amazing little museum, full of all sorts of mysterious items and collectables to charm young and old. 

This was our next stop when we left Tillsonburg.  We arrived there in time for our picnic lunch.  The boys (including Hal . . . LOL) ate and ate and ate.  There is something about eating outdoors that makes for big appetites.

The main floor has an extensive collection of milk bottles from all over and great displays of antique equipment.  The basement is full of collectibles and old tools.  If I had one idea to improve the museum it would be to have more descriptive signage.  Being old folks, Hal and I recognized a lot of the old tools and were able to explain them to the boys.  I remembered the milk separaters from visiting my Aunt Betty's farm as a child.  The entire time there was a constant conversation.

I give high marks for this little gem of a museum and hope you can visit soon.

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