Friday, March 11, 2011

Writer's Block

Sometimes I can't think of anything interesting (at least to me) to write here.  At other times I can't make up my mind which topic to choose of all the things I think I might like to say.  Last night was a case of the first option.

I spent the day out shopping with Mom and Sandy, picking up bargains all over town.  There was no store with particularly exciting service but at the same time none was notably bad either.  So I can't do a rant or sunshine report on that.

There were no vastly exciting sales on yesterday but we did find quite a few items that were hardly used, nearly new and 50% off.  That's how I keep our freezer filled.  So I picked up some nice steaks and chicken. 

I lied.  There was one very exciting sale (for me) yesterday.  Country Harvest bread at Giant Tiger less than $1.50 (can't remember the exact price).  And they actually had lots in stock when we were there.

Quick question . . . why is it I cannot go into a Dollar Store and come out empty handed????  I was determined not to spend any money in Dollarama because I'd had a lovely spree at the Dollarama in London less than 2 weeks ago.  But out I came with felt flowers, ramekins, stickers and I don't even remember what else.  I think dollar stores are my addiction.

Did you see the photo of my mint plant?  Awesome, huh?  So I decided to get another plant.  I love Rosemary Potato Wedges (better than french fries) so I picked up a rosemary plant.  It was the last one in Walmart and spindly but I have confidence that I won't kill it thanks to my new water globes.

Yeah, there is snow in the background . . . sigh!

See ya