Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spelt, Mint, a Finish and a Bargain . . .

I have spent the past two days soaking in some serious quiet and working away at my Dreaded To Do List . . . and it has been quite wonderful.  The last few weeks have been rather stressful, crazy, noisy, busy so the quiet was desperately needed.  I think I may actually be ready to face the world again tomorrow.  Even if I'm not I still have to go out . . . I've run out of bread.

Looking for a bargain?  I have 3 two-page scrapbooking kits left and I'm willing to cut the price nearly in half.  Polar Express features SEI's Winter Song patterned papers.  This kit originally sold for $12.00.  I have 2 left and will sell them for $7.00.  You can view this layout at  Also available is 1 Bird Cages kit featuring beautiful papers from Creative Imaginations.  You can view this kit at  Originally sold for $14.00, you can purchase this last kit for $8.00

If you would like one of these kits, please comment on my blog or email me at

As you know, I do not have a green thumb at all.  A month back I posted photos of some herb seeds I bought at the Bibles for Missions store.  Well I tried to grow them.  And managed to kill all of them.  One pot actually threw up a few spindly shoots but even they expired.  So I went and bought a mint plant at Walmart.  I love mint to throw in the pot when I am steaming or cooking veggies, especially potatoes.  I nearly killed it by forgetting to water it and then trying to repair my mistake by seriously overwatering it.  Deb and I were at a Dollarama in London the other day and she talked me into buying some watering globes.  Deb is a genius!  Look how well my mint plant is doing.  It actually has new growth where the leaves had fallen off and it is getting much taller.  I may just go out and get a rosemary plant.  I love rosemary roasted potatoes.

So I've started going to the bulk barn recently and picking up different foods I think might be interesting to try.  A couple of weeks ago I picked up some spelt.  According to the information sheet:

Spelt is easier to digest than most grains.  It is higher in balanced amino acids, fats and crude fibre than wheat.  It is lightly water soluble making its nutrients easily absorbed into the body.

It took 20 minutes to cook but it tasted pretty good.  It won't replace my oatmeal, but definitely a change of pace.

It has taken a long time to finish reading this book.  I read the first two parts . . . Italy and India . . . a year or so ago but had to return the book before I finished it.  Then the movie came out and I went to see it.  I really enjoyed the movie.  Of course, I am a fan of Julia Roberts to start with.  The movie was good but really couldn't do justice to the book.  I noticed a couple of places where an event happened that was difficult to understand.  Having read the book, I did understand though.  I recently borrowed Other Pam's copy of the novel and finished reading it last night.  I "sort of" wish I hadn't read the last section.  It seemed so rushed in comparison to the first two sections.  Even so, I still enjoyed it.  I enjoyed it so much in fact that I'm going to put a hold on the sequel . . .

The library only has one copy and it is out right now.

Well I better call it a night.  I'm going shopping with Mom and Sandy "early" in the morning . . . early for me that is.

Nighty Night,