Saturday, March 5, 2011

One brave fella, a lot of cooking and three finishes . . .

The last few days have been just crazy.  Hal is home for a few days.  I had planned a pasta dinner for his first night home, but he put in an order for meat loaf.  It involved two bus trips to get groceries to make the meat loaf.  He showed up with Tim for supper at 10:30 pm. 

Tim hasn't been home since last October.  He had a few days off because he left one employer and starts with a new one after the weekend . . . raise and better hours . . . yeah!!  On another Tim note, we just found out the tv series he was in will be airing on Global in a few weeks.  I'll let you know exactly when as soon as I know.

Hal had a doctor's appointment on Thursday and had to have some bloodwork done.  Hal doesn't like needles so Tim went along.

Hal got a sticker that says "I had a lab test" with a photo of a puppy on it.  Brave Hal!  LOL! 

I thought the grandsons were coming for supper so I made a big pot of crockpot lasagna.  Hal & Tim really enjoyed it.  I've posted the recipe in the previous blog entry.

We picked up all three boys Friday morning and went out for breakfast at Yia Yia's in Lambeth.  The roads were clear when we went but there were cars that had been in accidents being towed and even a school bus in the ditch on a side road.  Crazy!  After breakfast we went to the Elgin Mall to see the Railway display.  We were a little disappointed when we arrived because, although the website said open at 11 am, the sign at the mall said noon.  So we wandered around the mall window shopping until noon and then enjoyed the display.  Back to our apartment for a "clean out the fridge" lunch . . . salad, meatloaf, lasagna, fruit, asparagus and I forget what else . . . the boys managed to clear up all the leftovers for me.

Greg arrived and grabbed a meatloaf sandwich and Austin to head to the University of Michigan where Austin's basketball team is in a tournament.  I haven't heard yet how they are doing.  Perhaps we'll get an update tomorrow.

Later in the afternoon Kate showed up to pick up Taylor for his tournament in Hamilton.  Cameron, who originally wanted to stay with us, decided he just had to go to the tournament and put on quite a show.  Ten minutes after Kate and Taylor left he was fine and happy again.  What a monkey!

Supper was a pork stir fry with rice noodles . . . very tasty and no leftovers . . . that's always a good sign.

Today we went for lunch at Nanna's.  Shortly after lunch Kate's mom picked up Cameron and they headed for Hamilton.  We went to Mom's and moved some furniture and then home for a quiet afternoon.  Tonight's supper was Chickpea and Tubetti Soup, Steak and Onion Pie,  sweet potato squash and fresh steamed green beans.  No leftovers again . . . LOL . . .

I've been hard at work on the Dreaded To Do List but it has been slow going because of my packed calendar.  Last Sunday it was January 26th according to the DTDL.  Right now it is Februay 1st.  Not great progress except that there are quite a few things crossed off later on the list.

I've had two more finishes this week . . . a pair of mittens knit on 2 needles (the last pair I made were on 4 needles) and a dishcloth which has a fish in the middle.  I wish I could figure out how to photograph these dishcloths so you could see the images better.  You'll just have to take my word for it that there is a really cute fish in the centre.

I finished reading The Wife's Tale by Lori Lansens this week.  Definitely a good read.

Library Journal Review

Mary Gooch is beyond shock when her husband leaves the night before their silver anniversary party. Jimmy Gooch has always loved her, but with each new trauma-two early miscarriages, her father's death, even the loss of her feral cat-Mary has felt less worthy of his affection and more hungry. Now weighing 302 pounds, Mary can't seem to move past her malaise. Finding $25,000 in their bank account, Mary flies, for the first time, from their small Canadian town to her mother-in-law's home in SouthernCalifornia, determined to wait for her prodigal spouse. While there, she loses her appetite but discovers a measure of self-worth through the "kindness of strangers." VERDICT Lansens's (The Girls) portrait of a woman who hides behind the Kenmore as protection from life's heartache is earthy and primal in its pain. Yet Lansens doesn't resort to an overnight makeover to save Mary. Instead, our heroine uncovers a hidden strength she had all along.

Nighty Night,