Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lovin' Ladies' Day Out and other such fun . . .

I wasn't sure if I was going to Ladies' Day Out today but I hadn't been in a couple of weeks because of all the craziness that is my world and I did tell Mom I was going so I knew she'd be packed and ready . . . so I went.

I love Ladies' Day Out.  Six hours of fun and food and chatter and crafting with no interruptions.  Life just doesn't get better than that. 

But I wasn't feeling great this morning.  I'm still icky and yet I don't feel sick.  I'm walking like a drunken sailor and yet I don't feel very dizzy.  My vision is fine.  My head is fine (really it is!).  Just off-balance.  I hope it passes quickly.  I'm absolutely terrified of a repeat of last July when I had vertigo for 2 weeks and was absolutely useless and hopeless.

So I went.  I took my sweater to crochet.  It is almost sweater weather here so I guess I better hurry up.  And I had a great time . . . like usual.  I'm so glad I went.

Worked on my Dreaded To Do List all evening.  I'm too embarrassed to tell you what date I'm on but it's in February . . . sigh . . . as you can tell I'm really not all that concerned.  This list just helps me to focus on what needs to be done and what I want to get done.  I only really worry about the "needs to be done."  It doesn't help that I've added some extra projects to my list . . . including 3 quilting projects and several scrapbooking classes . . . I guess I'll just never change.

The classes I am taking are through Big Picture Scrapbooking which is an online program.  They have some very interesting free classes . . . free of course being my favourite word.  And for some reason I had a $5 coupon so I selected a couple of other classes to take as well.  Right now I am reading the handouts for Embrace Imperfection which I am starting to think every perfectionist, scrapbooker or not, should read . . . LOL . . .

Well I'm going to scratch 1 or 2 more chores off my list and then call it a night.  Tomorrow is supposed to be yucky and rainy so I hope to get lots done around here.  Hal will be home Thursday or Friday and that means all my projects will have to be packed away for a few days.  I'm giving Hal one day to rest while some friends and I go to the Women's Lifestyle Show in London.  I won BOGO tickets to the show . . . yeah!!

If the weather improves I'd like to get in some letterboxing this weekend.  It is the only enjoyable exercise I really get and I miss it.  And I hope we will be able to take the grandsons to the Elgin County Military Museum.  We were on the guided tour a few weeks back but we had to leave 1/2 way through to get Austin to a basketball game.  Our lovely guide was kind enough to give us complimentary passes so we can return and finish the tour.

And then Hal will be back to work and all my projects will come out again.  Not that I will have a lot of spare time next week.  My calendar is looking pretty full.

Nighty Night