Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Letterboxing in Kilworth

Saturday morning Kate called and asked if I could look after Taylor and Cameron.  Of course I would.  Grandma Joanne dropped them and some clean clothes off and they both had showers.  When they were all sparkly and clean we watched a movie, Galaxy Quest, and made our shopping list.

During my recent trucking adventure my glasses got bent a bit.  It probably wouldn't usually be a big deal but I have bifocals and with the line on one lens wouldn't meet with the line in the other lens, it was enough to make me cuckoo.  The store where I bought my glasses closed at noon and we arrived at 1 pm so I had to spend the weekend crooked.

Next stop was to visit Grandma Joyce and some friends at the Central United crop.  Mom was ready to come home so we packed her up and loaded all her scrapbooking supplies into the van.

Next we went grocery shopping because I didn't even have a slice of bread in the house.  Then back to the apartment for lunch . . . baguette sliced and covered with Nutella or cream cheese . . . juice boxes . . . red grapes.

I hadn't had much sleep so I tried to talk the boys into doing a craft.  Of course not.  The boys wanted to go letterboxing.  I, on the other hand, really wanted to stay close to home so I could wait for a call from Kate letting us know how Austin's surgery went.  I let the boys win.  I didn't want to drive far and fortunately my online search turned up a brand new box in the Kilworth area -- What's on your Christmas tree?.  It took some serious figuring and some driving around to solve the clues but we were so proud of ourselves when we did solve it.  The hike was quite lovely and Cameron was so proud that he was the one to solve the final clue to locate the letterbox.  The box was out in the open so after we stamped in we rehid the box better than we found it.  We were first-finders and we found a hitchhiker inside for a nice bonus.

Hiding our tracks

When we returned home, we learned that Austin's surgery had gone fairly well and that Grandma Joanne was coming to pick the boys up for supper.