Sunday, March 6, 2011

Letterboxing, another finish and a chilly evening . . .

Hal and I took advantage of the lovely sunny weather this afternoon to do some letterboxing in London, ON.  We were trying to locate the Simpsons series but only managed to find Homer.   The rest of the boxes weren't really as winter friendly as we had hoped.  We tried our best . . . snow down our boots, down our necks, in our hoodies . . . but we sure had a lot of laughs trying.  We'll be back in the spring when everything isn't under a ton of snow.

We spent the evening watching tv while I finished knitting a scarf my mom had requested.  It is made with Silky Flamme in Red Wine colour from Little Red Mitten.  This fibre is 50% Peruvian Wool, 30% FS Alpaca and 20% Silk.  It is so soft and warmy and lovely . . . I hope Mom likes it.  I'm giving it to her tomorrow.

I like the patio door open just a skooch because I think our apartment is too warm.  Hal disagrees.

I promised I would blog about people who work in retail but I've left my blogging for too late tonight.  I promise I'll make that my very next blog post, Marie.  I have to get some sleep tonight so I can get up early in the morning for the 50% off sale at Bibles for Missions and then taking someone special to the Cancer Clinic in London.  After that home to help pack up Hal and Tim and kick them back out the door.  Lovely to have them but they are a lot of work . . . LOL . . . don't worry, Hal knows I say this.

Nighty Night,