Monday, February 7, 2011

Just finished 2 new reads . . . both delightful, each in their own way.  Christmas Jars was just a lovely 2-kleenex story about sharing and Christmas.  This book was actually sent to me by a complete stranger when I posted that I couldn't find a copy of the book.

And the book I finished yesterday . . . Too Much Happiness.  I have to admit I didn't understand all the stories but I really loved most of them, especially the last short story.  I

I managed to complete a few more layouts yesterday . . .

I'm a little tired and cranky today . . . Of course, I stayed up until Hal got home last night.  We had supper after midnight.  And early this morning I answered a call fof Super Grandma.  Poor ol' Cam has been sick all weekend so he came and spent the day with us.  He is actually in the recovery phase I am happy to report.

A little bonus in the family tree department.  Nancy forwarded an email to Mom who forwarded it to me from a different branch of our family tree.  She had some interesting information and I hope we will have the opportunity to meet up and share more.

Hal and I are hoping to spend some quality time at the library tomorrow doing some family tree research again.  We make a pretty good team at this.

And according to the Dreaded To Do List it is January 8th.

Nighty night,