Friday, February 25, 2011

It's what time? Argggghhhhhh

You all know how much I love to sleep.  In fact getting a good night's sleep is the best way I know of to keep myself healthy.  Plus I just love to sleep in . . .

It's 6:00 AM and I'm just finishing my breakfast.  Why?  Because that's what friends do!  Riding shotgun with a friend who has to go to a very difficult doctor's appointment.  Not really sure who is difficult -- the doctor or the appointment or perhaps both . . . but then I get rewarded with some scrapbooking time.

Nanna's on the road to recovery.  She loves her chiropractor.  Never been to one before but she is definitely a fan now.  He is even working on some aches and pains like the back of her knee as well as fixing up her neck.  She says "he's expensive" (has to pay, no coverage) but she's very happy to have found him.  I'm taking her grocery shopping this afternoon.

Mom's a little slower recovering from flu/cold (in that order).  It's been a rough couple of weeks for her but she is determined to be back on her feet for the Salvation Army crop on Saturday.

I was supposed to be babysitting grandkids all weekend but just heard from the other grandmother that she would like some time with them (which doesn't surprise me because they are very adorable young lads) so I'm going to the crop for a 1/2 day . . . yeah!!!!!

So tonight I have to pack for the crop!!

I was trying to figure out what kind of birds these were.  Photo taken near London.
I think they may be wild turkeys

Good morning,
(the blogger who is only 6 hours late posting)

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