Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hal's on the mend and life is getting back to normal . . .

I hope he goes back to work soon.  LOL . . . he gets cold when I open windows but this apartment is so warm I melt without the windows open . . . there is just no compromise . . . sigh . . .

I finished another book last night.  It is a great story.  It was nearly to the end before I figured out who did it.

Here's what I managed today . . .

2 hours on sketch book
2 scrapbook layout (but I can only show you one)

2 hours on tablecloth
1-1/2 hours on manuscript
finished another toque

1 hour on sweater
1 hour on a pair of mittens

And I cooked an awesome supper which Hal actually ate (most of ).  I'll be posting the recipes tomorrow.

I'm tired now,