Thursday, February 17, 2011

Finally . . . a little bit of letterboxing . . .

FINALLY a little bit of letterboxing . . . only one box but we had so much fun trudging through the knee deep snow to find it . . . LOL . . . You're in the Army Now.  We were the first finders and our bonus was a lovely peace-themed LTC . . . thanks Keldar5.

Hal needed a nap this afternoon so he'd be good to drive tonight . . . he's headed east tonight.  So I needed to find something quiet to do.  I started and finished this mystery dishcloth knit-along while he was asleep.  I like the pattern and it was easy to make.

I also spent a couple of hours on my Queen Anne's tablecloth tonight.

Now its time for bed.  I have a HUGE amount of things I want to accomplish while Hal's at work so please no one fall down or get the flu for at least a few days . . . k?

Nighty night,