Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A day out with 2 of my favourite guys

Cameron has been a little sickie the past few days but he is on the road to recovery.  He spent the day with us again today but he is going back to school tomorrow.

We received a couple of emails from a relative that we don't know and it turns out she is doing the family tree of my great grandfather's brother so we obviously will have a lot in common.  She shared some information I didn't have which really excited me.  I had no idea when I took on the family tree that it would be such a big job . . . but it is also a fascinating one . . . I'm looking forward to meeting Dawn in person so we can swap notes and stories.

Hal and Cameron and I started out the day at the library going through microfilms and clipping files.  Mom showed up so we put her to work too.

We had a lovely brunch at Mom's and then headed off to the art centre.  Our experiment for the day was giving Cameron my camera and setting him free.  He took some rather interesting photos.  Unfortunately his little fingers kept holding down the flas so not all the photos have good lighting but that's okay.  It is kinda cool to see the world from the height of a 6-year-old.


Next stop was the mall to run a couple of errands and spend our coupons at the Zellers restaurant.  We ran into Nanna on the way so we dragged her into Zellers with us for a visit.  Cameron and Hal split a chocolate sundae and we had a lovely visit.

Next stop was Forest Park to watch a couple of school basketball games.  I went to Forest Park from Grade 2-6.  It does not look the same at all.  Not only is the gym at the wrong end of the school, but the ceilings and door frames are lower . . . and why do they have so many tiny desks?  LOL

And then home, for a couple of cold beverages, some hot leftover stew and movies . . . a nice relaxing evening.

So how was your day?

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