Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Have you met my Nanna?  She is 94.  And amazingly healthy.  She is gorgeous.  She is stubborn.  She hates it if she can't be self-sufficient. 

So when she asked her daughter (my Mom) to call 911, we knew she really wasn't feeling well.  The ambulance attendants were very helpful and kind.  The ER staff was also awesome.  And the young doctor who told her the good news that she could go home was very helpful and explained that Nanna's tests all came back good, including her CT scan, and that the dizziness would resolve itself . . . but . . . in the meantime she was to use a walker so she doesn't fall . . . and . . . someone is supposed to be with her all the time. 

Nanna didn't take that news very well . . . LOL . . . she is so feisty!!  But we aren't giving her a choice.

Hopefully she will feel better soon because I know having people, no matter how much she loves us, hovering over her all the time and making her use a walker is going to make her CRAZY!!

Now about the changes in the Emergency department . . . most of it I thought was great . . . TWO problems though . . .

1.  Nanna was parked by the ambulance doors that, of course, opened and closed everytime someone came in.  Too COLD!!!!  Her guerny needed to be pushed further into the hall, away from the doors.  Seriously, that was a cold wind out there today.  Not good for a 94 year old lady in jammies and a blanket!!!!!

2.  The person manning the registration desk!  She was lovely and helpful, but I could have sat in the waiting room with a note pad and written down the name, address and phone # of every person in that waiting room.  A criminal would have had a field day . . . knowing those people were going to be away from home for a while.  Seriously!  I know they are attempting to protect patient privacy . . . but they really have failed at it in this area.

Yes, I will be writing to the hospital to tell them everything I felt went well and badly during our emergency room visit today.

Nighty Night,