Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Magic of Page Kits

The Magic of Page Kits

Through the magic of page kits you can arrive at the crop with only what you need -- no kitchen sinks. You can set up quickly and you are ready to scrap.

Planning is the key.

Step 1 - Photos

Take the time to organize your photos by date and event. If you are doing the organization challenge, you are already done or working on this. This will save you hours of searching for photos.

Put the photos for each event in individual bags or page protectors. You can re-file unused photos after the layout is complete.

Step 2 - Accents

Pick you accents first to insure that the paper you choose will match both the photos and accents. Don't add any "lumpies" that can damage your photos to the bags. Make a note of them on an index card or post it note and then pack the lumpies separately

Step 3 - Papers

The "experts" suggest you pack at least one base paper and 2 or 3 patterned papers. You may change your mind or decide to use only one or two papers, but the selection will be available. I like to have 2-3 cardstocks and at least 3 patterned papers.

Step 4 - Fibre

Fibres include washi tape, ribbon, thread, jute, twine . . .

Step 5 - Tools, ink, paint

Write a list of required tools on an index card or post it note and add to the note to your page kit. When it comes time to pack your tools for the crop, you will have a handy reminder so you don't forget any important tools.

Step 6 - Sketches

There are so many great sketch sites online and of course I recommend my books for inspiration as well.

Step 7 - Journaling

If you know you will want computer journaling done for your layout, do it know or make sure to leave room to add the journaling later. You can also print out any poems, lyrics or quotes you think you might use.

The trick here is to travel light and get lots done.

Through the magic of page kits, you can make this happen.

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