Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A new reason to letterbox . . .

. . . it breaks up the boredom of loooooooooong car rides.

My youngest son was home for the weekend to see his nephews (my grandsons) win GOLD in each of their divisions at the Ashley & Stephanie Daubs Memorial 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament. We drove him back to Toronto on Monday (2-1/2 hours each way). To break up the trip we decided to pick up 401 Eastbound - Cambridge: Sniff or Quack? on the way to Toronto.

My son, Tim

. . . found a lake and trails where we never would have expected . . . and found the box . . . after a serious debate about willows . . .

Our friend, Cailyn . . . playing Camera War!!

After taking Tim home to Toronto, unloading the van, having supper (canned spaghetti and honey combs for dessert), installing an air conditioner, watching Tim wash dishes and clean (yes, I am still recovering from the shock), we headed for home. We wanted to pick up another Cambridge box before dark -- 401 Westbound - Cambridge: Dawn of the Commute. Unfortunately, canned spaghetti just wasn't enough to keep Hal happy so I bought him a Big Mac Snack Wrap at the truck stop. He took forever to finish and it was getting dark. By the time we solved the clues and knew where to search for the box, it was too dark. Cailyn and I did try using the flashes on our cameras to find the box. Wouldn't you know Hal would pick today not to have a flashlight attached to his belt. We had to give up . . . but we'll be back.

It was 11:30 pm by the time we got home Monday night and we still had to photocopy all Hal's certifications and plan out our trip to Niagara Falls the next day.

We had to be up at "oh dark hundred" this morning because Hal had a job interview in Niagara Falls (3 hours each way). I went along, dreaming of an afternoon of letterboxing on the way home. The interview went great. Fingers crossed a job offer comes soon. Now we were free to play.

First find of the day was at the Niagara Screaming Tunnel. Yes it is a real place with a really cool ghost story attached.

We tried lighting a match to make the tunnel scream but the match was too wet . . . sigh . . . but at least we found the letterbox.

Next stop . . . was in Port Dalhousie (St. Catharines) to find Sunset View. The clues were quite tricky, but this Captain helped us on our way, and we did find the letterbox . . . a very clever letterbox . . . and we found a hitchhiker inside . . . woo hoo . . .

I have always wanted to get close up to the ship, The Old Weasel, near Lincoln. With our clues in hand we found the way . . . and the letterbox . . . another very tricky find but definitely worth the effort.

Our last find, before heading home was Treaures of Lincoln The Canoeist. And of course I had to get at least one photo taken today.

Guess what we found in the van today? A loaf of homemade banana bread. My sister sent some goodies home with Tim the day before and somehow the banana bread got left behind . . . LOL). HEY TIM: You lose; we score!!!!! Made for a really lovely afternoon snack

What a great couple of days . . . 5 boxes and 1 hitchiker!!!

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  1. I have just gotten interested in letterboxing. Should get the materials to carve my stamp in the next few days and then to finding the treasures.