Monday, May 24, 2010

Wellesley ON & West Montrose ON

It was starting to get pretty hot in Waterloo so we headed north. What a fabulous drive. Kind of weird not seeing any hydro poles! What beautiful countryside. We found Mennonites of Ontario - #4 Ohio Star Quilt Block and a hitchhiker inside (Bitty Pumpkin). We continued on our drive but could not locate Mennonites of Ontario - #2 Toad in a Puddle Quilt Block. We could see where someone else had made a path to the hiding place though.

Next stop was West Montrose ON to see the covered bridge. It was a very popular site on Sunday with photo shoots and videotaping and lots of people walking through and driving through. We decided we should wait for a weekday if we decided to try and find Westmontrose Bridge again. The status is coming up unknown on Atlas Quest.

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