Monday, May 17, 2010

Letterboxing in Stratford on Sunday

Hal was booked up until around 5 pm, so I packed a picnic supper and when he came home we headed out to pick up the new boxes in Stratford. What a beautiful day for letterboxing. Warm, sunny and a lovely breeze.

First find was Festival Theatre Tragedies. We weren't first finders though. Jiggs and his girls got there first.

After our picnic we went looking for the Feverish Feline but we are pretty sure it is gone. Jiggs, did you find it?

When we got to the starting point for The Bard's History and Comedy we realized it was getting dark very quickly, so we called it a day. It was after 9 pm!! Oh well, a good excuse to come back. What a lovely way to end the weekend.

I have to teach next Saturday, but hopefully I can persuade Hal go letterboxing again on Sunday or Monday. I don't imagine I'll have to twist his arm too hard . . . just pack a good picnic again. I want to get as much hiking in as possible before the hot summer weather sets in.

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