Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Welcome to the Pyjama Party Online Crop

I'm so happy you are joining us today.  Have you got your comfiest jammies on?  Snacks?  Cup of coffee?  Wishing it was 11 am already?

While you wait, why not check out the 2020 Craft Room Organization Challenges which I will be posting before the crop?

I'm sure some of you have questions about how this all works.  There are two ways to participate . . .  

#1  If you are just looking to do some challenges make sure you are "going" to Pyjama Party Online Crop. This is an event page where I will be sharing all the challenges.

#2  If you want to join in on the contests, vote for your favourite layouts and maybe win some really awesome prizes you will need to join Pyjama Party Online Crop.  This is a private group page where I will also be sharing all the challenges.  BUT there are also photo albums to share your layouts.

You have until 7 pm on January 1st to join our private group.

Your first "job" will be to upload a photo of yourself to the This Is Me album.  We love being able to put a face to a name.

At the beginning of each hour I will post a challenge.  It is up to you to interpret what you want to do with that challenge.  But when you are done, share your layout in the appropriate challenge album in our private group.

You have until midnight on January 1st to post your layouts in time to be entered into the prize contests.

How to win a contest?  Starting as soon as the first layout posts and ending at midnight January 2nd, please vote by "liking" your favourite layouts.  You can vote for as many layouts as you wish.  Only group members can vote.  At midnight on January 2nd we will count the votes and declare a winner in each challenge.  If there is a tie, a winner will be randomly generated from among the first place layouts.

Friendly chatter is welcome in the event and the private group.

Please be sure to thank and support all our generous sponsors.

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