Monday, December 23, 2019

Trials of Artemis by Sue London


I generally read classic fiction and nonfiction but every once in a while I pick up some light reading. 

I would definitely put Trials of Artemis in the column of very light reading.  I think London has a great idea for a story but it is in need of a good editor.  Both main characters speak in the first person which leaves little tension in the story line.  There are definitely historical inaccuracies.  And the characters need better development.

BUT . . . 

What I am describing is for a serious novel. 

Trials of Artemis is definitely not serious which makes it an excellent light read.  I love the whole story of the inception of the Haberdashers, a boys club formed by three young ladies who know that boys have more fun than girls.  Now that is a story I would like to read.  And it would allow the author to develop the characters more before turning them into adults.

SO . . . 

Read this book with your feet up and a lovely cup of tea on a cold winter's night . . . its okay not to read great literature all the time . . . a guilty pleasure.

And if you enjoy it, there are several more books in the series.

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