Thursday, September 3, 2015

Old Friends


Today's Writing Prompt: Old Friends

Describe an old friend that you are not in contact with any more.

I'm not taking this writing prompt literally because my thought drifted in this new direction . . . LOL.

One of  the things I love most about social media is the ability to find and reconnect with childhood friends.  Sometimes we still have things in common and are glad to find each other.  Sadly, once in a while the reconnect is simply a reminder of why we are not friends now.

I was very lucky growing up to have a great neighbourhood full of friends . . . a few are still friends, expecially on FB.  In school I had a few really good friends . . . some I see in real life but most are just online reconnects.  I think I have been very lucky that way.  

In some ways I still think of friends the same way I did as a kid . . . friends are the people that show up at my door and I do stuff with . . . only now it isn't baseball . . . it is usually drinks and dinner, scrapbooking, movie nights . . . but that is still doing stuff.