Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New Things


Today's Writing Prompt: New Things

What was the last new thing you tried, tasted, or did?

Can I tell you something that I've just re-tried?  Gelli Plates.

I tried them for the first time at The Art House in Cambridge, ON and fell in love.  That was in February 2013.  You can see more about that amazing visit with this link.

The amazing Karen Ellis shows us how.

I may have got a little carried away . . . LOL.
I didn't buy the gelli at the time because my imagination wasn't seeing exactly everything I could do with this marvelous tool.  I recently became very very very interested in art journaling and at a recent class with the very talented Melissa at Paper Passion Studio re-discovered gelli plates.  I'm so sad for all the creating time I wasted not buying one the first time around.  As you can imagine, I now own my very own gelli plate.

Yes, greens and oranges are still my favourite colours.

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