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SUNDAY, MAY 11, 2014

Today's Writing Prompt: Museums

It's Sunday, get out and do something!  Would you rather spend the day at an art museum, science museum, or history museum?

Why are you making me choose?  I love every type of museum.  Big or small.  Art, science or history.  And I've been to a fair number in the area.  

In St. Thomas my favourite places to go are the Art Centre, Elgin Military Museum and Elgin County Railway Museum/CASO Station.

We were just at the Toronto Science Centre last fall and I have to say it didn't seem like as much fun as the last time we went . . . oh probably 20 years ago with the kids.  And I can't pinpoint exactly what has changed.  We did enjoy ourselves with our grandchildren, but I am glad we had free passes.

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