Wednesday, December 10, 2014

On Stage . . . in more ways than one . . . ~j


Today's Writing Prompt: School Play

Were you ever involved in a school play as a student? Did you act, sing, design props, play an instrument, or hold prompt cards? Tell us all about it!

The details are foggy because you know it was back in ancient history but I vaguely recall being a master of ceremonies for something (Christmas concert?) and I shared the podium with someone (a boy). I was in Grade 6 at Forest Park School. I wore a long red and white dress. That's all I've got for you.

I didn't blog on the 12th

Plum pudding is something I associate with Christmas but apparently February 12th is
Plum Pudding Day
When : Always February 12th

Plum Pudding Day is your chance to eat some plum pudding. Doesn't this make you happy!?! You must admit, if it wasn't Plum Pudding Day, you probably wouldn't even think about plum pudding, let alone eat some.

Participating in Plum Pudding Day make take a little work. You will find vanilla and chocolate pudding on store shelves. You'll find banana and tapioca pudding, too. Unfortunately, we do not believe there is a packaged Plum Pudding on the market. That means you get the joy of finding a recipe and making it from scratch. You can also seek out a restaurant that serves it. Tip: call and check before you go.

Plums are popular in Chinese and Asian cuisine. It is likely that this day originated either in Asia, or was created by someone enjoying a Chinese plum pudding dessert.


2010 - Governor General MichaĆ«lle Jean declares the Vancouver Winter Olympic games officially open.  Source:

I absolutely loved the opening ceremonies of the Vancouver Winter Olympics. To watch the complete opening check out this link.

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