Monday, December 29, 2014

My first home, Tortilla Chips and William Shatner . . . ~j


Today's Writing Prompt: Home

Write about your first home: Your childhood home or first apartment of your own.

As far as I know, I lived in the same house all my childhood.  Since I can't actively recall the first year or two, I can only guess about those years.

We lived at 343 Wellington Street, one of only two modern flat-roofed homes in town.  Apparently the house was fairly small when it was first built.  I was old enough to remember when the house nearly doubled in size but I couldn't actually tell you how old I was.  Next door to us was an empty lot owned by my grandfather.  You could walk between Wellington St. and Mary St. E. through that lot.  My grandfather's house abutted the lot at the Mary St. E. end.  It was a great place to play.  

National Tortilla Chip Day

When : Always February 24th

Today is a holiday with a crunch. One might even suggest that it is a corny holiday. Well, that's okay because today is National Tortilla Chip Day. Just a few decades ago, Americans seldom ate Corn Chips and Salsa. It's popularity has grown immensely. Today is a tribute to that rising popularity of one of America's favorite munchies.

Did you know? The corn chip recipe was brought to the U.S. from Mexico by texas businessman Elmer Doolin.

Celebrate National Tortilla Chip Day with a handful of crunchy, tasty corn chips and your favorite salsa or dip.

2010 - February 24 - Sport - Kaillie Humphries (Calgary, AB) and Heather Moyse (Summerside, PEI) win Olympic gold in the Two-woman bobsleigh competition at the 2010 Winter Olympics. Fellow Canadians Shelley-Ann Brown and Helen Upperton take the silver, marking the first time Canadians had won two medals in one Winter Olympics event. Vancouver, BC
February 24 - Sport - Jessica Gregg, Kalyna Roberge, Marianne St-Gelais and Tania Vicent win Olympic silver in the Women's 3000 metre Short track relay at the 2010 Winter Olympics. Vancouver, BC
February 24 - Sport - Clara Hughes wins a bronze medal in Women's 5000 metres Speed skating at the 2010 Winter Olympics. Vancouver, BC
February 24 - Sport - Canada's mens hockey team defeats Russia 7-3 to advance to the semi-finals against Slovakia at the 2010 Winter Olympics. Vancouver, BC

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