Thursday, December 18, 2014

My favourite work of art costs a lot more than a toonie ~j


Today's Writing Prompt: Art

What's your favorite work of art? What do you love about it?

My favourite work of art is Clark McDougall's Talbot Street 1964.  I love the comfort of the piece, the sidewalks clean from a fresh rain just ended, the beautiful colours highlighted with black enamel.  I have a print of it in my dining room.  On a tour of the local art gallery a couple of years ago I was able to see the original.

Chocolate Mint Day

When : Always February 19th

Chocolate Mint Day celebrates anything and everything that is chocolate mint flavored. The most common chocolate mint treats are ice cream, candies, and desserts. Not everyone likes chocolate mint. But those who do love it. No, we don't know why some people don't like this great flavor. But, we do feel sorry for them!

For Chocolate Mint lovers, this is truly a great day. Whether its candies, ice cream or desserts, make sure to get your fill of Chocolate Mint.


February 19, 1996 - Royal Canadian Mint puts new $2 coin design into circulation; bimetallic Polar Bear replaces the $2 bill. Winnipeg, Manitoba


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