Tuesday, December 2, 2014

It is winter and I'm married to a truck driver . . .


I am the wife of a transport truck driver.  And winter is coming.  This is the most anxious time of the year not only for drivers but for those of us waiting at home.

These photos were taken in the Appalachian Mountains in February 2014.  Its a nice little rest stop on the side of the road and apparently very popular with drivers.  There was no snow when they went to sleep.  Hubby woke up in the morning to knee deep snow and several trucks stuck near the entrance, blocking everyone in.

When the plows finally came through, the police and tow trucks soon followed.  They were all very lucky that day.

I try not to worry.  I remind myself that if anything were wrong, his company would call me . . . therefore he is all right despite what the Weather Network is saying.

I keep reminding myself that he is only a couple of days away from home.  He isn't gone for weeks travelling across Canada anymore. 

Do you want to know what the worst thing is?  Seeing photos of tractor trailer accidents posted on social media.  You stare at the photo to see if it is your spouse's truck and try to mentally calculate where he is so you can reassure yourself that he is okay.  

So if I seem a little cranky some days this winter, please remember it is winter and my driver is on the road somewhere and I worry.