Monday, December 15, 2014

Gumdrops, Aliens and a flag of our own . . . ~j

February 15, 2014

Today's Writing Prompt: Adjusting

What's the biggest adjustment you've ever had to make in your life?

In my world, I've had to make adjustments so many times that I'm not even sure which is the biggest.  We've lived in tiny apartments and big homes.  Each required adjustments.  We've had children and we've had an empty nest.  More adjustments.  I've been married and single.  A whole lot of adjustments.

I've only blogged about one thing today:

National Gumdrop Day

When : Always February 15th

National Gumdrop Day honors the popular, gelatin-based candy. Gumdrops have been a favorite candy for many decades. Nowadays, the "Gummi" candies which are the same gelatin base, are the most popular gumdrop type of sweet.

On National Gumdrop Day, you know what to do . . . eat Gumdrops to your heart's content!

Test your Knowledge: Quiz: What children's board game includes Gumdrops? For the answer, scroll down.


Answer to quiz(above): The popular Candyland board game by Milton-Bradley. First introduced in 1949, it includes Gumdrop Mountain and Gumdrop Pass.

For nearly a century Canada had no distinctive national flag. Each time Canadians suggested a new symbol to replace the Canadian Red Ensign, modelled after a British naval flag, there was controversy. Maple leaves, beavers, crosses, crowns — propositions that went nowhere. In 1964 Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson said he'd introduce a new national flag. But Opposition leader John Diefenbaker and the Royal Canadian Legion wanted to stick with the Red Ensign. Everyone had an opinion before Canada finally chose the red and white flag with the maple leaf.


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