Monday, December 8, 2014

Awkward Dates and a Free Library ~j

February 9, 2014

Today's Writing Prompt: Dating Scars

What's the weirdest or most awkward date you've ever been on?

Went out for lunch at Michael's on the Thames in London. I was probably 19 or 20 a the time. We were way underdressed for the restaurant. And while we were waiting to order, my date casually mentioned that he hoped I could pay because he was broke. Yup. I only had a few bucks on me so I ordered a caesar salad to share and then we got the heck out of there. I think that one qualifies as weird and awkward.

Two blog posts on February 9th:

Showcasing the scrapbooking layouts I finished in January:

Showcasing an very interesting square for my oddball sampler afghan:

Clean Out Your Computer Day

When : Second Monday of the month
Clean Out Your Computer Day is a day to logically review, and delete old files and programs.
Most of us add programs and files to our computer with reckless abandon. After all, computers have huge storage capacity. Many of these files and programs are forgotten over time. Overtime they clog memory and cause confusion during retrieval and use of other files. And, some may slow down your computer.
Somewhere along the way, a (most likely) computer geek or service person, created this day as an opportunity for us to remember to cleanup and delete old and unused files.
So, get into the spirit of the day, and clean out the old computer.

February 9, 1883 - Ontario's First free public library opens at Guelph. Guelph, Ontario

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