Monday, November 4, 2013

Windswept in October

What do you get when 7 scrapbooker and 1 quilter rent a cottage in Port Lambton, ON?  An amazing time!!

The first day was overcast and even drizzled a little and the second day started out foggy . . . and then it turned out to be lovely warm fall weather for the rest of our stay.

For the musically inclined Windswept has a piano, organ and even a karaoke machine.  Helen entertained us .

Instead of getting up early for breakfast we had brunch each day . . . two meals in one.  Very handy.  Sandra is enjoying her Windswept 2 Cocktail (green apple wine and apple cider).

The cupboards are full of puzzles and books and games so there is always something to do if you need a break.  Mom and Linda are really concentrating on this puzzle which turned out to be missing only one piece. 

We set up the huge porch with lovely huge windows as our work space.  It was so much fun spending all this time together.  I think it makes us better friends.  That's Nancy, Mary and Sandra waving at you.

When you come to Windswept with us you are required to purchase, prepare and clean up one meal . . . and then you are FREE for the rest of the stay.  We encourage simple meals and paper plates.  Mom only had a few dishes to do after her brunch which EM and I accidentally helped her cook . . . LOL.

Mom and I were the first ones there so we had first choice of bedrooms.  I picked this comfy room at the front of the house overlooking the river.

Boat watching is just one of our many enjoyable distractions.

This is the beautiful quilt top Nancy finished during our vacation.  Isn't it gorgeous?