Saturday, November 2, 2013

October Knitting finishes . . .

I managed to finish two dishcloths and two oddball afghan squares in October.

This dishcloth is called Leaf Pattern Lace Cloth designed by Andi Worthy. It was the September 16th mystery knit-along dishcloth from

This oddball afghan square is called Tartan Square and it took forever . . . but I like it.

How's this for an adorable October dishcloth.  I wish I'd had a solid orange but you can still see his scary grin.  This cloth is also from

I think this is my favourite oddball afghan square.  I love working cables so I was in cable heaven here.  It is called Hugs and Kisses.  You can see the Oddball Afghan pattern at

24 squares done.  Only 18 more squares to make and then begins the part I don't like . . . the sewing . . . but I've wanted to do this afghan for years.  And I'm finally doing it!!