Sunday, October 20, 2013

Letterboxing September 16

Hal has been working a lot of Saturdays lately, which means he sometimes has a free Monday.  With the return of more moderate weather I was ready to get back out on the trail.  

We started off finding Childhood Memories, New Dundee, ON

Since we'd never been in this town before we took a little tour and found a few places worth coming back for a second look someday.

You may have already read my blog post about the Dundee Diner.

Our next stop was Penguin Pin-Up, North Dumfries, ON

And then we finally reached Cambridge.  We had hoped to visit this little museum but, like New Dundee, everything seems to be closed on Mondays.  Another time . . . 

Nailed It, Cambridge ON was a great hike with stunning views and the stamp was perfect.

We found Stone Age Deer, Cambridge ON  I can't tell you what was so special about this stamp and give away the surprise but let me just say it is BRILLIANT!!

When we found The Far Side (2 boxes) we were satisfied with our day and headed for home.  We'll be back!!