Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dundee Diner, New Dundee ON

Hal & I were out letterboxing one rare Monday and passed through the town of New Dundee.  It is a pretty town with a fair bit of heritage-y places to look at.  We spotted this restaurant and, after seeing their boast to have the best burgers and ribs in Southwestern Ontario, were determined to come back on a day they were open.  Most of New Dundee seems to be closed on Monday.

Anyway, a week later we are out again on the trail and make the side trip to visit the Dundee Diner.  It is small, family owned and run and has just had a facelift (we hear).  Hal ordered breakfast and I ordered the famous hamburger.

First off, the diner's eating area is a series of booths and then some swirly stools at the counter where you can watch the cook make your dinner.  The booths are a little too snug for someone of the larger persuasion.  Having said that, we could have moved to the counter but . . .

The service was excellent and the atmosphere was very comfortable and friendly.

Hal really enjoyed his breakfast and I really enjoyed my lunch.  But is it the best burger in SW Ontario?  It is close.  Loved how well it was cooked and the lovely condiments.  The bun needed to be toasted though.  The condiments made the bun get soggy.  That is the only thing I would even think of changing.  It really was good.

Will I go back again if I am in the neighbourhood?  Of course.  I haven't tried the famous ribs yet.

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