Sunday, October 20, 2013

Back to Cambridge and places north for some more letterboxing

We made it back to Cambridge on Sept 22 and continued locating some pretty amazing letterboxes.  
Our first find was Let the Kids Play  It was an easy find but ended up costing us some time.  The box was wooden and completely rotted out and full of bugs.  We found a department store and purchased a plastic container to rehide the box.  The location and clues were good.

Next stop was Flower Power - Sunflower which gave me my funniest story of the year.  It rained a lot in September and the gentle creeks were often raging torrents.  This one was no exception.  Add the slick muddy ground and thick brush to the list and this box was not a simple find at all . . . LOL.

I didn't have my walking stick and I don't do climbs too well anymore so Hal bravely faced the steep slippery climb to the box's hiding spot.  You are going to have to picture this next part and keep in mind that not only do I not climb well, I am not really coordinated at anything physical.  It's true.  I've accepted that.  Soooooo anyway . . . Hal has the letterbox and I am back at the road with a steep descent and thick brush and another steep slippery climb between us.  And I have the inks and journal cards.  Hal says he's not coming back but he thinks he can throw the box to me.  I remind him that I can't catch but he promises to throw it right to me.  He throws.  It sails by me about 3' from my left hand side and out onto the boulevard.  Thank goodness there was no traffic as I wander out to the highway to rescue the box.  I stamp in and put the box back together carefully.  And I stand there holding the box and staring at Hal . . . sooooo far away.  How am I supposed to get it back?  Just throw it, Hal says, you can do it.  So I warn him I am going to throw the box past him so that he can turn around and catch it as it tumbles down hill towards him.  I aim carefully, swing my arm to loosen it up, aim again right at a spot over his head and about 3-4' behind him . . . and I throw . . . and hit him square in the centre of the chest . . . LOL . . . After we got over the shock of my accidental success, the box was carefully rehidden and Hal returned to my side.

Our next stop was Ahsoka Tano in Kitchener ON  A much easier find than our last . . . that's for sure.

Think About It, Waterloo ON was absolutely lovely

This Chick's an Angel, Kitchener ON was our last find of the day.