Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Church in Stratford, ON

A friend posted an event on Facebook called Around the World in a Dish . . . challenging everyone is our group to pick a cuisine and host and event based on that cuisine.  I was the first to volunteer, choosing French cuisine.  I search Google for French restaurants nearby and fell in love at first site with The Church in Stratford, Ontario.

So for my birthday I invited some friends to join me for lunch.  Enjoy the photos.

The restaurant was stunning.  Not sure why they seated us in the back corner?  It was rough on our server but it was the best table in the house because you could see the whole restaurant and the sunlight through the stained glass windows was enjoyable.

The warm herb bread was heavenly.  We had Manchego Fries (fries, shaved manchego cheese, lemon thyme aioli) for our appetizer.  The manchego cheese was very pretty but didn't really add anything to the fries but we would have loved a bucket of the aioli and big spoons. 

I had the Moroccan Vegetable Tagine (North Africanstewed vegetables,preserved lemon gremolata andcouscous)  It was delicious and I enjoyed every bite.

Deb had the Crusted Crab Cakes withceleriac remoulade andcarrot hot sauce.

Nancy had the Shore Lunch Style Pickerel with lyonnaise potato, sautéed mushrooms, celeriac puree and grilled lemon.

Doesn't the table look gorgeous.  My dinner companions look pretty gorgeous too.

Mom ordered the Cioppino which is smoked tomato broth, market fresh fish and shellfish,grilled sour dough and saffron rouille.  I actually got to taste a mussel for the first time.  It was okay.

Connie had the Bacon, Leek and Gruyere Cheese Quiche with mixed greens and herb vinaigrette.  

Here is my birthday cake . . . Flourless Chocolate Cake, brandy cherries, mascarpone cream and hazelnuts.

What did I think of the restaurant?  It is beautiful.  I felt special just sitting there.  The service was excellent.  Our entrees took a while to come out.  The cake was fabulous and the coffee was dark and rich and hot.

Would I come back?  The only time I would come here is for a very very special occasion because it is a little pricey and I am poor folk after all.  But yes, I would definitely come back.

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