Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Thankfully my dear hubby is a fixer . . .

He needs to be a fixer because I am mechanically challenged.  It is a proven fact.  Hal has been on a long run and finally home after 8 days.  The first thing he notices is that the computers aren't working well and I have an old mouse attached to my computer.

He runs the maintenance and updates on all of our computers and notebooks and laptops and fixes my mouse.  I have my beloved wireless mouse again . . . pink to match my pink laptop.

He notices my shoulders are hunched over and I'm having trouble picking things up with my right hand . . . again.  He knows just how to fix the knot in my shoulder that is causing this.  What a relief!!!!

I wanted to make him a lovely home cooked meal . . . and he got the slow cooker down from the top cupboard for me . . .

I finally stopped him in his tracks when he asked about the DVD player . . . in pieces . . . in my office.  A rented disc got stuck in it so I took all the screws out to remove the disc but I couldn't figure out how to put it all back together again.  'Did you unplug it first?' he asks.  'I'm alive, aren't I?'  I think I unplugged it first . . . LOL.

Did I mention that besides being short and mechanically challenged, I am also afraid of electricity?

I just fed him a delicious pot roast dinner with enough leftovers for supper if he doesn't get called into work tonight.