Thursday, August 8, 2013

Fore Golfers Only, Central Elgin

I know nothing about golfing.  My dear hubby used to golf as a young man (very young).  He actually worked as an even younger man at a factory that made sports equipment including golf clubs.  He will gladly tell you the story of setting up a new club for some famous golfer whose name I can't recall.

Note:  the only golf name I know is Sam Sneed.  Please don't ask why.  I don't know.

Anyway, dear hubby is getting older (much older . . . LOL) and decided he would like to take up golfing again.  A cousin generously gifted us with a couple of sets of golf clubs.  

Summer is nearly over and, because he has been swamped at work, has not been able to get out on a golf course . . . but . . . he has managed to get out to a nearby driving range a few times.  The driving range is at Fore Golfers Only, 43765 Talbot Line, Central Elgin, ON which is just east of St. Thomas.

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