Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Aylmer Wildlife Management Area

It is a yearly ritual to take the grandsons to the Aylmer Wildlife Management Area  at 10594 Hacienda Rd., Aylmer, Ontario every March Break.   The Aylmer Wildlife Management Area is a 338 acre site located on a former World War II Royal Canadian Air Force Base.   Located by the Ontario Police College, it is the site of the Tundra Swan migration that sees thousands of migrating swans every spring in March and April.  We love to see the Tundra Swans and I generally take quite a few photos.  These birds are gorgeous and huge and regal and very, very noisy.  This area is just a short break they take on their way north.

Now I see many people drive in, park, climb up one of the viewing stands, take a couple of photos and leave.

Here is how we 'do' the AWMA . . .

We walk past the viewing stands, along the south access road to the viewing stand at the back of the property.  This is a great place to get photos of the Canadian geese.  We check our Tundra Swan letterbox, roll down the hill a few times and just generally enjoy the sounds, sites and smells of spring.

There are some geocaches in the area.  You can find them at www.geocaching.com .

There are three barn quilt squares from the Settlement Stories Quilt Trail here as well.

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