Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A road trip to Guelph . . . during which we forced my sister and her family to letterbox . . .

We headed out on a road trip at the end of June to visit my sister and her family in Guelph.  Of course I had to print out a couple of letterbox clues to find while we were in Guelph - a mecca for letterboxers thanks to some very talented local boxers.  We were running a little ahead of schedule so we decided to find Be the Dove of My Heart.  This was a library box and sounded like it would be a simple find.  Not so much.  The clues did not match up with the library which had been redecorated.  Plus they had a lot of new staff.  But we were determined and with the help of the staff we were able to locate the box and teach them all about letterboxing while we were at it.  And it was amazing.  The hiding spot and the beautiful stamp were so worth the extra effort.

We picked up Nancy, Doug and Giordan and headed off for an afternoon of adventure.  First stop was a Habitat for Humanity store which made Hal very happy.  We strolled around but didn't end up buying anything.

Next stop was to find Cemetery Series - St. Joseph's Cemetery.  As you know, I love cemetery boxes.  Nancy likes cemeteries too.  It was a good spot and a quick find.  I learned that Nancy is also directionally challenged, just like her big sister.

Next stop was to a wonderful restaurant, gift shop, quilt store.  Nancy, what was it called?  Anyway, it was a buffet of the most amazing home cooking and we really enjoyed ourselves.  After a couple of desserts we wandered through the attached shops, especially the quilt shop.  I am awed by the lovely stitching and hope I can do something that amazing some day.

We realized the afternoon was speeding by so we hurried to our next stop, the Wellington County Museum and Archives.  The building and property is beautifully restored and contained several interesting displays.  Nancy and I were particularly interested in the property's past as an asylum.

We left just as the museum was closing, determined to find one more letterbox.

I am so glad we did.  GAQLBE08 - Scottish Highland Games is a blue diamond box which means it is highly rated by boxers.  We would never have known about this scenic location otherwise.

Nancy showed us where she worked and where she lived.  She has a shopping mall under her building so she doesn't even have to go outside to shop.  How cool is that?

It was an awesome day, ending with an impromptu didgeridoo concert and plans to go zip-lining.  I wish my video of the concert had turned out better but there was so much background noise you can hardly hear it so I didn't bother to post it.