Sunday, August 12, 2012

Letterboxing near Mount Forest and First Stop on the Butter Tart Trail

Our oldest grandson is a teenager now, starting high school this fall . . . sigh . . . and apparently too busy with his friends to letterbox with his old grandparents . . . LOL . . . we expected that.  BUT the two younger boys are still happy to hang out with us.  These photos were taken on July 13 when we decided to go letterboxing in the Mount Forest area.

Our first stop was to find Hubcaps:  Mitsubishi 504 in a little rest area near Harriston, ON.  The box wasn't exactly where the clue suggested.  There is an outhouse in the way.  But using our "if-I-were-a-letterbox-where-would-I-be" experience, we located it fairly close to its advertised location.  We stamped in and moved on to our stop.

We found the rest area indicated in the clues for Hubcaps:  Chrysler 436 easily.  We disagreed about directions so half the team went one direction and the other half went another.  My half of the team was going in the correct direction . . . of course . . . and found the letterbox quite easily.

The team going in the wrong direction found a geocache.  Boy, were they surprised.  We sat in the van to stamp in.

Our next stop was The Spot in Mt. Forest.  This is the first stop on the Butter Tart Trail.  We had a lovely supper.  The place is very nice and there are displays of local art to entertain yourself with while waiting for your meal.  The meals were quite substantial and well priced.  And the butter tarts are to-die-for.  They also have butter tart pie.  Perhaps we'll try that out next time we are in the area.

Back to letterboxing.  Our next find was What Were They Thinking?  Goose droppings were an issue but we have lots of practice and tip toeing around them.  I went to get the box while Hal and the boys played in the playground but I had to come back for Hal.  I was in sandals and the location of the box was very overgrown and required a man with long pants and sturdy shoes.  We got it, stamped in and rehid just before the rain started.

Thank goodness the rain was very light and didn't last long because we were hoping to find a few more boxes on the way home.  We aimed for Cemetery series - Kenilworth Pioneer Roman Catholic Cemetery.  This cemetery was easy to miss.  I spotted it just as we were passing it so we had to do a u-turn.

The Cemetery series - Lourdes Grotto was also an easy find.  Our last stop was Cemetery series - Kenilworth Methodist United Cemetery.  We located the box easily thanks to great clues.  The boys didn't want to leave because the clues mention a geocache in the same area.  They tried the "if-I-were-a-letterbox-where-would-I-be" test but it apparently doesn't work for geocaches.  We finally made them leave as dusk was falling and we still had a long drive home.

It was an excellent day and we had a great time together.