Monday, August 13, 2012

A Little Blood and a Little Dirt are all part of Letterboxing

Do you see a No Trespassing sign?
 July 14 th was a great evening of local letterboxing with the boys . . . in London this time.  First stop Drag Racing.  We had a little trouble understanding the clues but if you know me then you know this is no surprise.  Had a great time looking though.  In among the grass we found the pads for the abandoned mini golf course.

These boys aren't scared to go anywhere . . . LOL

First injuries of the day . . . mean old evergreen needles will do that . . . 

The boys were pretty pleased to find the box.  We stamped in and headed off to our second stop.

I don't see any No Trespassing sign here either.
 Our second find was Oh, what a Rush!  We had to wait out for some golfers to move on before we could head in to find it.  Hal and Taylor didn't want Cameron to go in because it was very overgrown (over his head) but he was so disappointed that I let him go.  He had to promise not to cry if he got scratched.

Hal suffered serious injury . . . LOL

Taylor's legs now match his elbows . . . 

Not a scratch on Cameron.  As you can see we did find the box.  We took a short cut to put it back that didn't involve going through the brush again.

Final stop of the evening was To Be or Not to Be?  This was our second attempt at this box.  The first try was in winter.  Three of us stood guard for muggles (there were a lot) and the fourth went in for the box.  We had to repeat the process to rehide the box.  Springbank Gardens is a very busy place on a nice summer evening.

Another successful adventure and no permanent injuries.

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