Monday, July 9, 2012

25 Escapes

I belong to a scrapbooking group on Yahoo!  Big surprise, huh?  It isn't very active anymore but they have the greatest journaling prompts which I use to write in my journal.

One day the prompt was to list 25 Escapes I Would Like To Indulge In . . . so here goes . . . in no particular order:

1.  A train trip across Canada
2.  A weekend all expenses paid at the Embassy Suites in Niagara Falls
3.  Another 3-day crop at Windswept cottage in Port Lambton (this one will actually come true in October)
4.  A cruise in Toronto Harbour (coming true this month onboard a tall ship)
5.  A pedicure (never had one but hear it is better than sex)
6.  Being able to attend all the letterboxing meet-ups in a 200 km radius of home
7.  A weekend away with just Hal just about anywhere (although keep in mind #2 would be great)
8.  Whale watching
9.  An Alaskan cruise
10.  Volunteer to help women and children in third world countries
11.  A week doing just what I want and no housework or cooking
12.  A gourmet dinner
13.  A day all alone at the Royal Ontario Museum with Hal so I can actually see everything.
14.  A trip to England, Ireland and Wales
15.  Learn to paint
16.  Pelee Island for a weekend
17.  A week in Toronto going to museums and theatres (for free?)
18.  A month travelling in a motor home and writing about our adventures.
19.  A Broadway show (heck, I'd be excited to go to a Stratford show)
20.  A day of clothes shopping with a professional shopper
21.  A day of shopping and unlimited money and Swedish meatballs at Ikea
22.  A makeover
23.  A manicure
24.  A real Victorian high tea
25.  A whole week of sleeping whenever I want to.

So if you can't think of anything to get me for my birthday on the 28th, you can just refer to this list . . . LOL!!