Sunday, March 18, 2012

Book Review: Elizabeth I by Margaret George

In this novel, Margaret George dazzles tackles a very difficult subject  She attempts to tell the story of Elizabeth Tudor.  Elizabeth is an enigma -- the Virgin Queen with so many suitors, the victor of the Armada who hated war; the gorgeously attired, jewel-bedecked woman who pinched pennies. England's greatest monarch has intrigued the world for centuries in poems, prose and even movies. But what was she really like?

Her cousin, Lettice Knollys, thinks she knows what Elizabeth is like. They have been rivals since early childhood.  In this story one woman is trying to hold onto her power and protect her country and the other is trying to regain power and position for her family.  Each woman has a very different vision of what the other is really like.  These different visions create the tension that is constant between them.

It is 700 pages long.

No chance you would ever read such a long novel?  This one may change your mind.  It is a hard to put down once you've started page turner full of rich detail and the personal and political conflicts of many historic figures of the Elizabethan age.