Monday, January 13, 2020

Movie Review: The Great Buck Howard

I am starting to believe Leonard Maltin is a genius . . . LOL . . . I've been finding and watching the movies he mentions in his book 151 Best Movies You've Never Seen and almost every one has been a hit with me.  I've never even heard of the movie The Great Buck Howard.

Buck Howard is a magician and mentalist who used to be popular.  John Malkovich is both charming and convincing as a man who has deluded himself into believing that a major comeback is just around the corner.  His comeback event is to put 100s of people to sleep at the same time.  Just as the crowd is beginning to fall asleep, Jerry Springer is in a traffic accident and all the press leaves.

Colin Hanks is an aimless law school dropout who becomes the Great Buck Howard's assistant and roadie.  Buck isn't very easy to work for but Colin admires his work ethic and showmanship.   The actor’s real-life father, Tom, was one of the film’s producers, and appears briefly as the young man’s disapproving dad.

Watch this movie.  It is a feel good movie, offering emotion and humour in equal proportion.

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