Thursday, January 5, 2012

Book Review: Homecoming by Cathy Kelly

I like to read serious books like nonfiction books, biographies, dramas.  I also like to read books with a great story, engaging characters, and a proper ending.  I don't want everything to magically work out on the last two pages.  I want closure.  I want a little bit of reality.  I don't want everything to necessarily work out perfect.  I prefer accommodation, lessons learned, compromise.

Homecoming is a wonderful book.  It is the story of four very different women who each came to live at Golden Square in Dublin at different times and for different reasons.  Eleanor was born in Ireland but left as a young girl.  Seventy years later she comes "home" to heal.  Megan is a young actress who became famous too quickly and without the maturity necessary to handle her fame.  A scandal sends her into hiding.  Rae owns the local tea room in Golden Square but she has hidden a secret from her family and friends.  Connie is a teacher who doesn't see that she deserves happiness and hides behind her appearance and age to hide from any chance of a happy life and family.

These women come together and help each other, forming a strong bond of friendship as they go.

A wonderful story, a delight to read.  You will connect with the characters and cheer them on as you flip pages.

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