Saturday, April 23, 2011

Adventurous Saturday

On our way home from Toronto we picked up our 2 younger grandchildren for a sleepover.  When we woke up in the morning we headed to London for some adventures.

First stop . . . Covent Garden Market.  This was the first time Hal and the boys had been here.  I'd only been one other time.

We started out with burek which are delicious savoury or sweet pastries.

We tried organic sausage, cheese, veggie chips and truffles.  They were all awesome.
We had to buy a package of sausage for Cameron and he ate most of it before we got home.

We ordered shawarma and stuffed grape leaves and pizza.  The shawarma and pizza were amazing.
The stuffed grape leaves were just okay.

We tried butterscotch ice cream.  It was amazing.  We also tried spring rolls and chocolate fudge.

Next stop . . . Museum London.  It was an unfriendly place and we won't be going back.

And finally we headed out for some serious letterboxing.  It was still pretty mucky out.
We went to finish the Simpsons series and found all the boxes.  The carves were so cute.

We nearly gave up on the search for Marge.  Hal and Taylor had actually climbed down the slope.
But Cameron spotted one more place to try.  And he found it.  LOL.  He spent the rest of the afternoon
reminding us how lucky we were to have him along.

We were asked to drop the boys of at their Aunt's for supper.  When we pulled up in front of the house, their Grandpa Ross came over to greet us.  I informed him that we were returning the boys . . .

. . . dirty and tired and sweaty, muddy and bloody, and very full and happy.

What a great day.

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