Sunday, June 20, 2010

Saturday was another To Do-y sort of day . . .

When it is warm I want to be outside.  When it is hot I want to stay in the air conditioning.  The humidity of the past couple of days has kept me inside.  But this has also meant I've knocked quite a few chores off my list.

I've been working on my family tree and the pile of information to be entered into the family tree program on my computer is beginning to shrink.

I've been working on a writing project or two and made great headway there as well.

I still have 3 UFO's from years gone by that are coming close to completion -- a tablecloth, a knitting project that must remain nameless because it is going to be a Christmas present, and a cross-stitch of a Thomas Kinkaide painting.  I have taken a vow that I will not start another needlework project until all my UFO's are no longer.  Considering a year ago when I took this pledge I had a closet full of projects, I'm rather pleased with myself.  I have some great yarn purloined from my cousin Kim and some quilt tops from sister Nancy that are calling to me, but I am standing firm.

And scrapbooking . . . I am actually scrapbooking . . . still doing photos from July 2008 . . . but of course I took a lot of photos that month.  July 2008 was a particularly busy month.