Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My youngest grandson is . . . unique!

Cam stayed for a sleepover last night so he would be on time for an appointment at the pediatric dentist in London this morning.  He sleeps so well on our little pull-out couch . . . sometimes a little too well.  I had a heck of a time waking him up this morning.  But we managed.  Breakfast was dry cereal eaten as we drove to London.

This kid has a mind like a steel trap.  Not only did he point out the building we were going to, he told me I wasn't parking in the right place.  I assured him it was okay to park where I was and that I really did not like parking garages.  That's just one of my eccentricities.

The appointment went well, sort of.  The dental assistant installed the spacer without too much fuss from my little friend.  But when she took it out and said she was going to put glue on it and put it back in again, there was a lot of fuss.  When reasoning didn't work, I did my tough grandma routine.  "Now cut that out, you are scaring all the little kids!"  and he looked over to see 3 little blondies with huge saucer eyes staring at him.  He stopped fussing immediately, but he was not happy.

So no sticky food or really hard foods for Cam now.  Nothing to dislodge the new spacer, because he really doesn't want to go through that again!!

On the drive back home, Cam assured me he REALLY didn't want to go to school.  Tuesdays are my day out -- Ladies Day Out -- so I told him if he stayed with me he was going to have to spend the afternoon hanging out with my friends.  Apparently he was not offended by that idea.  So we packed up his cutter and glue and scissors and stamps and paper and colouring books . . . oh yeah I packed my quilling to play with . . . and off we went.

I wasn't sure what was in his school lunch, and I knew about his eating limitations, so we stopped at KFC for a Toonie Tuesday meal.  Now old Cameron is a pretty smart cookie and when we got to LDO he sold his school lunch to Great Grandma Joyce for $1.10.  (Grandma J had forgotten to pack a lunch).  He also threw in a chicken leg . . . LOL

We had a lovely afternoon visiting and crafting and just chilling out.  Lori brought in some of her Mom's stash to clear out and Cameron used his $1.10 (Plus I'm sure Grandma J added some extra) and bought 3 paper punches to add to his craft box.  Before Lori left, she added 3 ink pads and 3 deco scissors to his box as well.  Not bad stash enhancement, Cam!!  Thanks Lori for making his day.

After LDO, we went grocery shopping which he informed me was boring, but he wouldn't mind so much if there was peanut butter cups at the check out . . . yes, he got peanut butter cups at the check out.  We also had a quick but lovely visit with Krystle and her little darlings.  I finally got to see baby Finn (not so babyish anymore) in person.

It is amazing how much Cam talks when he has your undivided attention.  Quite the little chatterbox. And you just never know what he is going to want to talk about.  I guess Cam is learning about step-brothers right now because he sure had a lot of questions.  I was afraid we were heading for a birds-and-bees discussion but I was able to divert that to a conversation about judges and custody.  I explained that a judge had decided that the best place for T to grow up was with Mommy and Daddy and the judge was very smart.  Cameron agreed that the judge was very smart and T was very lucky . . . especially because Cameron was his brother . . . LOL . . .

I don't know who was more exhausted from our day's adventure, but it was Cameron who fell asleep on the drive home.

PS . . . here's a layout I finished on the weekend.