Monday, May 24, 2010

Waterloo ON

First stop in Waterloo was In the Line of Fire. We could see where the box had been; but it appears to be gone.

Next stop was Secret 'Stashe #6 - The Biker. We have sooooooo enjoyed the 'Stashe series. We found it no problem.

The building mentioned in Forget Me Not was amazing. Looks like they are doing lots of work on the building. We could not find the box though.

Yeah . . . another find . . . Secret 'Stashe #2 - The Adventurer. I do believe we have them all now . . . unless we can talk Starhexen into doing more.

I had trouble with the math in the clue for A Boy and a Dog, but we found it anyway. What a great place to hike.

We stopped for lunch and took A Walk Through the Woods In Bechtel Park. Lunch was great, but we didn't find the box.

Last stop in Waterloo was for Mennonites of Ontario - #7 Stepping Stones Quilt Block. We loved the trails and the mix of modern and older buildings. And of course we loved the box.

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