Monday, May 24, 2010

Mississauga & Oakville ON

First stop this morning was Buds and Blossoms. Fabulous little park. Beautiful view of the lake. A great place to bring a picnic and a book. We couldn't find the box though.

Next stop -- Rattray Marsh. This is a gorgeous hiking and educational space. How the Marsh is formed and changed is really quite fascinating. And best of all, we found Normie the Narwhal. I'm so shocked that we are only the 2nd people to find this box.

Our final stop of the day was to look for Joshua's Creek. We were really enjoying the hike until we crossed the bridge and we were attacked by mosquitos. All the marshes, etc. we were in this weekend and this was our first serious run in with mosquitos. We walked (very quickly) out of the trail and back to the van to get out the insect repellent. While we were at the van we turned on the radio and heard that the temperatures were going to get quite hot today. With that information, we decided to head for home instead of back to the trail. Don't worry Joshua's Creek . . . we'll be back . . . LOL

ps I don't know why I'm making that goofy look in the Joshua Trail photo.

We must have timed our trip home perfectly because traffic was really light.

We still had one more job to do . . . planting a letterbox in honour of Plant a Letterbox day. Our new letterbox is called In the Mail. I hope you will visit St. Thomas ON soon to find this letterbox and hopefully check out some of our others as well.

We are home and unpacked and, when I post this final post, done logging my finds. It was a marvelous weekend and we are looking forward to a quiet evening remembering all our adventures. I have to say that the best part of our weekend, besides letterboxing of course, and being able to spend some quality time with my husband of 27 years, was in connecting with so many other people, whether it was a "good morning" on the trail, having interesting conversations with interesting people like the elderly gentleman who told us about his life in the logging camps in BC many many years ago, or the kindness of strangers like the gentleman at the Shell Station.

Get a Clue, Go Letterboxing!!!